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    Yoga Nidra YACEP Training

    • Yog Nidra 002

    • What is Yog Nidra

    • Yog Nidra 005


    • 6 Steps of Yog Nidra

    • Yog Nidra Visualization

    • Yog Nidra 01


Senior Instructor

Acharya Vinay

Acharya Vinay was born into a Brahmin family where yoga was a household virtue and his grandfather passed his legacy to his father in form of traditional values of yoga, astrology and dharma. He started studying the scriptures on Veda, Upanishads, and Yoga under his father at the early age of 12. It is still a tradition in India, that such disciplines are passed on from generation to generation. The seeds were sown very early, but like every seed, it took time to ripe out. It got ripe with the initiation by his Guru Yogi Rudranath of Himalayas and acharya was inclined towards a spiritual outlook of life.

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